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“To be an amazing father and husband, to live a life of abundance so i can be a servant to God and inspire and empower others to catch their dream!”

To even utter those words 11 years ago I would have said it is a Joke!   I Dropped out of high school my freshman year to try to become a professional skater!  When skating did not pay the bills unfortunately I hung around people who influenced me to do illegal things to make money!  I got caught up in that, and spend some time in Jail!  When I got out, I was 22 had No Education, No Work experience, and and Criminal background! The only thing I had was accesses to a mentor.  I listened to everything he said like my life depended on it!  My First year I barley made enough to eat!  Second year, around 10k  my 3rd 196,000!  Since then I was able to make a Million and Retire at the age of 30. I Believed that was the goal, Fast cars, beautiful home on the beach, traveling!  I realized that all the things I thought I wanted did not bring me happiness – Helping other people Did!  Later that year I found out I was going to be a Father, right after I lost everything!  Since then my Biggest Joy in Life, is being a Husband, a Father, and Helping others!  God has blessed me with a vision to help as many as I can before I leave!  IF I CAN DO IT….YOU CAN!  God does not make losers he makes Champions!

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I HAVE TO get out of my Comfort Zone UGH!

I always hear people talking about getting out of their comfort zone like it’s a bad thing! Like UGH I know I need to get out of my comfort zone! I think it’s a very bad thing to think of it that way! Getting out of your comfort Zone is FUN! Its something New, Exciting, Different! Let me ask you a question why do people always glorify the past? Because it was awesome! Everything was new and Exciting! First Love, First going to Collage, Sports, doing fun adventure thing! Problem is we get older and forget this stuff!

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone!” – Neale Donald Walsch



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